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I am Joel, hi! you are visiting my personal website. Here you can see some of my thoughts and ramblings about tech, gaming and other hobbies, my favorite of which is origami. I hope you enjoy your visit!

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April 2023 Summary2023-05-01

It is the month of May already, and this is the first time I went for an entire 30 days without doing any blogging here. It is a little disappointing, but its also not that big of a deal.

March 2023 Summary2023-04-01

This was not a regular month, I did a lot of media consumption of the interactive kind. Video games kind of took over for me, which was quite interesting to go through, I already talked about Monster Hunter but I did a lot more, other than my regular share of podcasts, manga, anime and the like.

The Monster Hunter online experience2023-03-27

Monster Hunter is probably my favorite game to just relax and focus on a task, a mission and a goal without having to care about any plot or emotional bits (other than the tension of the hunt). Its userbase has grown a lot in the past few years with World and Rise, as well as their respective expansions. I actually returned to it and did a really similar post to this one a year ago, but I kinda stopped since I found playing on my phone to be rather annoying. Until now.

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